Recent Testimonials

"I absolutely love the classes, l've become so strong physically since I joined your class and also have gained tremendous self confidence, thank you so much."


Jillian Bruce
"I really enjoy our pilates class every week  Miranda is such a helpful and encouraging teacher

 and everyone is so friendly."





"I look forward to my Friday morning Pilates class with Miranda. She makes the experience fun as well as hard work but lets everyone work at their own level in a relaxed atmosphere. Well recommended! "
Sadhana Ashar
"Miranda is an excellent Pilates teacher, always attentive to pupils individual needs, talks through each exercise, explaining what you are exercising, why and the benefit to your body, gently increasing the exercises and levels. I am so glad I found such a good teacher. I had chronic neck pain for a long time and during the year I have attended Miranda's classes it has gone."
Liz Janering
“Miranda runs efficient, varied and enjoyable pilates classes for all ages and stages. She is particularly good at remembering when you have aches or niggles and always offers you suitable alternatives to the class exercises as she goes.  Extremely good value.”
Paul Andersson
"Miranda is both relaxed and professional.  She works us hard but takes into account any personal physical limitations we may have.  Above all else, the sessions are fun."
Beryl Rosenbaum


"I really enjoy your classes and they have helped me gain awareness and confidence in my own strength which I've never experienced before. This has helped me enormously as I'm constantly picking up my small children and I'm less likely to injure my back."






“Your classes helped me prepare for my replacement hip op, and certainly improved my body strength since!
Nadia Geller



"I was very sceptical about the benefits of Pilates but decided to try when a friend recommended the class.  Much to my surprise, the class was challenging and yet relaxing!  Miranda is an excellent teacher who understands each participant's limitations while still challenging them.  I particularly like that each class is different and with Miranda's guidance, you progress quickly.  I loved it so much, I signed up for classes twice a week and am seeing the benefit in a stronger core and better posture.  Pilates is a great complementary exercise if you are a runner or regular gym goer, strengthening your joints and core and enhancing your other exercise."


Ronali Collings




"I have been doing Miranda's Group Pilates class for one term now and really enjoy it. Miranda's professional approach to the class together with her individual attention to ensure we all have the correct position is second to none, this combined with her sunny personality make her classes fun while achieving healthy benefits and strong cores."
Valerie Gibbor

"I have two sessions a week with Miranda Shannon for pilates, one on a one-to-one basis and the other in a group class.  Both are incredibly beneficial and are very enjoyable. I find a particular benefit in having a personal session as Miranda will work you to your full ability, however, Miranda does seem to have the ability to "see everyone and everything" even in a group class so there's never any slacking. 
I started pilates to help strengthen my back as I play a lot of tennis and I would thoroughly recommend both pilates and Miranda to anyone wanting to  take it up.  It's also very enjoyable and sociable and are two weekly  appointments that I look forward to."


Frankie Taylor




"As a mature male client I am very happy to recommend your Pilates sessions to anyone else who is still trying to turn the clock back to more flexible times! Your structured approach to my particular sports requirements have produced amazing results - the golf balls go further, the knees work better and the back feels stronger!"


Mike Orchard



"Great lessons, brilliant teacher, really enjoyed it. Will definitely be back!"


Kathy Mills




"As a keen lover of a variety of sports (ski-ing, running, tennis, body pump, horse riding  etc) it has taken a long time for me to discover the joys of Pilates. This looks at the core and strength of our bodies with attention to age and particular physical needs. This introduction has been much enhanced by the high standard of instruction offered by Miranda. Unlike many other exercise classes I have participated in, hers pay close attention to correct positioning even with a large class. She has an excellent overview of each individual with due attention to their needs. Also she makes sure all areas are addressed but with a variety of exercises. Her private lessons take even more note of this and seem very carefully planned."


Sonya Grist




' The best testimonial I can give, is that I missed Miranda's pilates classes while on Christmas break!!!! I used to think that in order to 'exercise' I had to exert a lot of just 3 months or so, Miranda has shown me that by focusing on your core and group muscles, you are helping your body strengthen and tone, which in turn helps your posture and stamina in so many ways.  Miranda is very professional in her approach, guides you through every exercise, and, her classes are fun.  She is able to direct the group while at the same time focuses on individual level of ability.  She ensures you are always in the correct position, in order to get the full benefit of each exercise.!  She is very encouraging and supportive all the way.  All I can say, is 'Thank you Miranda', and, wish you every success!!!!! '  


Georgia Heppard

Hatch End




"I started Pilates with Miranda on a one to one basis several months ago, my aim is to tone everything especially my legs, which Miranda concentrated on, the results were amazing, in a very short time I noticed a difference.  I now do two sessions a week I share a private lesson with a friend and go to the Friday morning group session which is always good fun but also intense.  I always look forward to my sessions as Miranda is a brilliant teacher always encouraging and never critical.  However busy life gets Pilates is one thing I would hate to miss."


Linda McCooke