Group matwork classes:          £70 - £90 per block

Group classes are usually an hour long and are in blocks of 5-7 which run concurrently with school term times. The class programmes are designed to progress each time introducing new exercises and higher levels of desired achievement, thus advancing participants with each class. For this reason we ask clients to commit to the block with payment in advance. A selection of recorded online classes are provided for the week if you are unable to attend the class. 


For all classes I provide mats, head cushions, stretchy bands, squishy balls, toning cirlces, hand weights and leg weights.


I ask that you bring a small towel if possible to keep the head cushions fresh and also a bottle of water if required. Pilates is usually carried out in comfortable yoga style clothes and in bare feet or socks.


"In ten sessions you'll feel the difference, in twenty you'll see the difference, and in thirty you'll have a new body."

Joseph Pilates